Guerilla Advertising for Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Sometimes, in marketing, someone takes a risk. Someone with whale-sized bollocks takes a risk on a beautiful and inspired idea and then someone else puts it on YouTube so other people can admire the size of this persons man seed generators. Wow! Look at how BIG they are!

Thanks to the illustrious squire, Thomas Davis, this came across my radar and I couldn’t help but give it some kudos.

There are so many things about this that I love; the way the idea generated so much earned media, the slow-burn & reveal tactics that it used, but more than anything the strategic thinking behind the execution and planning of the idea. If I was to lose my cynicism for a spot this looks like a rare case of engineering said idea by building up from the observed behaviour of their targets, rather than the reverse engineering of the ‘snap-to’ polished campaign that so often happens.

It even has undertones of commentary on voyeurism, which ties back into the concept of the show its self.

So awesome.

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