New Twitter!

Twitter released their new & updated platform today, to be rolled out across the twittersphere over the next few weeks. They announced it with an awesome video, which not only is an awesome edit job, but it epitomises what twitter is, what its for, and the ethos that twitter has come to hold.

I’m a glutton for HD, professionally edited video in any case, but this really turns my buttons. I’ve been a die-hard Tweetdeck user for some time now due to the terrible UI twitter has had in the past, but the new one looks much more usable.

I love Twitter, and the direction its going in. For me Twitter is more than a social media platform – when you use twitter and it becomes integrated into your general musings on life, it starts to reflect who you are as a person. This isn’t digital personality management, its a personality mirror.

I’m going on a bit here, but perhaps you should look in your twitter mirror and see who you are.  I’m probably just a crazed enavgelist, and I know there are carefully monitored and considered profiles out there, but when you use Twitter for what it is supposed to be used for, its a voyage of self discovery and enjoyment, and is one of the very reasons that it is my favourite social media service.

Of course, Twitter say they aren’t a social network, but what ever they are, I love em!

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