The Social Network The Twit Network

‘The Social Network’, released October 1 is a new movie which covers the story of the early days of Facebook, while Zuckerberg (as played by the immensely talented Jesse Eisenberg) was at Harvard University College.

Being a Eisenberg fan, and interested to see how the story has been woven this is certainly on my ‘to see’ list, but I thought I’d draw your attention to a new parody video by the Indymogul crew at Youtube. It works better if you watch the trailer for the real movie, and follow it up with the parody:

Aside from the **insane funny** of the twitter vid, it’s a pretty perceptive commentary on the platform – on paper Twitter made no sense, but the evidence shows that it was a brilliantly thought up idea (or a gamble) which has paid huge dividends…

…but it wouldn’t work in real life:

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